Primary Class News

Welcome Back!  The Primary Class has had a wonderful first week of school.  We have been reminded about how to use the Montessori Classroom with “Our Peaceful Classroom”.  The students have practiced morning procedures with saying hello in many languages.  We have said the “Pledge of Allegiance: and the sign language poem by Aline Wolf “I Offer you peace”.  Handwriting skills have been practiced with our “All About Me” project book.

The Three Period Lesson has been given on Insets for Design, binomial and trinomial cube with both the sensorial and math lesson.  Science class involved the Bing Bang story with the Pink Tower that lights up and the student’s mixed media art project.  In math, addition with meter, decimeter and centimeter and their Latin roots.  Addition lessons involved the small red and blue rods and the snake game of exchange ten.  The chain cabinet was reviewed with sorting numbers, skip counting, and square roots.

In social studies, we learned more about the globe and an Atlas.  The student’s traveled with their imagination with the book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Suess.  Please look at their seven continent map and heart map project.  The students were able to spin the globe to travel or play I Spy with the Atlas to visit various places with proper nouns.

In Language, the students love reading.  We have been sounding out phonics with the moveable alphabet and vowel tree.  The Peace Books and Money Books are very popular.  It is most enjoyable to see the students read by themselves, do partner reading or read to our class pet, “Mr. Cute”.

At Circle Time, the students are enjoying friendship books, peace stories and we practiced a story starter with a spider.  The sight word ‘then’ was used often.  We have been enjoying singing songs with the planets, and classic song games such as, The Farmer in the Dell.


For your information, Did You Know?

  • The students can bring in a water bottle. Studies show that a student that can drink water has a more engaged brain for school work.
  • Students can bring a fruit for snack bread in the morning. This keeps up their energy level for school jobs.
  • Slippers can be worn at school for comfort. Outdoor shoes for recess, please.
  • Students can keep a light sweater or jacket at school for the various temperatures of the weather.
  • Each child is special. We take turns being the “Star of the Week”.  The star of the week can bring a show and tell every day of that week.  Please let it be educational or their favorite toy.  They also bring a Fun Friday snack.
  • We also encourage card writing for special occasions, such as a birthday. We have already made cards for a person in the hospital for community service.


We look forward to a great year of learning together,

Mrs. McShea

Mrs. Seedorf